Mitochondria and Cancer by Keshav Singh, Leslie Costello

Mitochondria and Cancer

Mitochondria and Cancer Keshav Singh, Leslie Costello ebook
ISBN: 0387848347, 9780387848341
Page: 301
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Publisher: Springer

Jul 13, 2011 - In chemotherapy, anti-cancer drugs are used to kill cancer cells. Mar 27, 2014 - 1 Department of Oncology and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC 20057, USA. Dec 27, 2012 - Once example of this is the mitochondria, the “powerhouse” energy-producing component of a cell. Mar 31, 2014 - Phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), present naturally in cruciferous vegetables, is a chemopreventive agent. Dec 23, 2011 - Cancer cells' sugar cravings arise partly because they turn off their mitochondria, power sources that burn glucose efficiently, in favor of a more inefficient mode of using glucose. Jul 30, 2013 - But cancer cells make themselves 'immortal” by turning off the mitochondria. Jan 15, 2009 - Experimental Design: Mitochondrial mutant and wild-type ND2 constructs were transfected into oral keratinocyte immortal cell line OKF6 and head and neck cancer cell line JHU-O19 and established transfectants. Feb 6, 2014 - Jing Chen and his colleagues have identified a potential drug target that acetylates key metabolic enzymes and diverts fuel away from mitochondria in cancer cells. Aug 19, 2013 - An enlarged illustration of a mitoNEET protein backbone fold (pink and purple) with essential iron-sulfur clusters (orange and yellow) is superimposed on a microscopic image of a breast cancer cell's mitochondria. They do this by stimulating a process of programmed cell death called apoptosis, as well as hindering the function of the mitochondria. Mitochondria importance in cancer and CR - posted in Calorie Restriction: There seems to be an Earthquake in cancer understanding coming. It blocks initiation and post-initiation progression of carcinogenesis. Apr 13, 2014 - The cancer cell dies, not because of cytotoxic chemicals, but because of a tiny little shift in the mitochondria. As part of a wider cross-journal series on Their many different roles are highlighted in a cross-journal thematic series including not only articles in Longevity & Healthspan, but also in Extreme Physiology & Medicine, Cancer & Metabolism and BMC Biology. 4 days ago - The role of mitochondria in aging and disease remains contentious more than 40 years after the mitochondrial free radical theory of aging was first proposed.